New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions

How many times has it happened to you that at the end of a year you realize that many of the purposes you set at the beginning were not met due to various situations, perhaps lack of time, poor organization, little motivation, unexpected situations or simply because you set too many goals? However, another year begins, and we propose the same thing, many changes we want to make in our habits and for some reason the same story repeats itself again.


I want to share my experience with you regarding this. The year begins, and for me it meant launching new projects for my business, professional and family life. I started working on this before the year was over, planning with great motivation to carry it out. However, the year began shaking and testing my patience, a third party's damage to my property put a strain on my family's normal routine. I was very aware of what was coming and that was what worried me the most, to start the year with long and exhausting processes with other people to be able to solve it in the best way, here it began without realizing what I really had to add to my resolutions: “PATIENCE”.


Even so, with this situation ongoing, I began to continue with my resolutions, and suddenly another change in less than two weeks, job changes, new challenges, new schedules, and more responsibilities. A purpose that I had not considered, but life was adding “ADAPTATION”.


No more than three weeks of this year have passed and many shocks, which at first for me were causing frustration and anger, because it was not my initial plan.


The goal of sharing this is to motivate you to continue making positive changes with the little things that arise in life, no matter if your plan was different. Don't feel unmotivated or bad for not meeting the fashion standards that are set these days.


I know that it is not easy to adjust to the challenges that arise in life and that, many times, our patience, and perseverance are tested. However, seeing the positive in each unexpected situation can be a great tool to motivate us to continue with our goals.


Currently we face many social challenges, standards that are created to motivate certain fashions and appearances, which, in turn, can generate stress or anxiety for not fitting into this circle. Nutrición Conjunta is here to tell you that you are not alone, do not put pressure on yourself to meet fashion standards that can harm your physical and mental health.


Nutrición Conjunta is here to build that motivation again and support each other as a community so that you can achieve your own objectives, and thus make your day to day more pleasant without pressure, at your own pace and without a sense of guilt.


That is why I want to start by sharing a series of "Monthly Journals" that you can download for free and that can help you focus on the positive things while we continue working on those small steps that help us achieve our health goals.


Download it HERE.

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